Virtual Consultations

$100 – 1 hour

Now offering virtual lactation appointments that are HIPPA compliant!

This is most ideal for a follow up visit when travel is not an option or distance is too great. We are also increasing use of this service in light of the current CDC guidelines for social distancing related to Covid-19.

Things we can address virtually:

  • Latch and positioning concerns
  • Limited physical assessment (an in-person appointment may be indicated)
  • Breastfeeding troubleshooting
  • Breastfeeding education and resources
  • Breast and nipple concerns such as plugged ducts, nipple pain, blebs, engorgement, mastitis symptoms
  • Breast-pump assistance, including checking flange fit
  • Pumping and returning to work
  • Soothing, sleep, and fussy baby concerns
  • Night weaning and weaning

Requirements: Both users must have adequate internet connections and a flashlight may be required for assessment purposes. Preferably there will be a second person assisting with positioning the device (phone, computer, tablet) for optimal viewing.

There will be times a virtual consult is not ideal: suspected tongue tie, oral motor or structural concerns, breast concerns requiring immediate treatment, concerns with weight gain, jaundice, and infant illness.