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Meredith was a godsend at one of the darkest times in my life. My baby had a terrible latch and was losing weight rapidly. I had mastitis, low supply and was in a lot of pain from the poor latch. I also had limited range of motion in my wrists due to postpartum carpal tunnel syndrome. I was told by another IBCLC in the Reno area that I probably would not be able to breastfeed, which was heartbreaking. Meredith met with my husband, baby and me and within a couple hours set us up on a plan to get my supply back up, improve baby’s latch, and heal the tissue that was so severely damaged. It was a tremendous amount of work but so very worth it. I went on to nurse my baby for 22 months and I’m currently nursing my second at 15 months, who also had a terrible latch that Meredith helped us with. I could not have done it without her. I can’t tell you how many times I have thanked the higher powers for placing her in my life when they did. I have two very healthy boys and its in large part to Meredith’s ceaseless effort and encouragement.” – Alaina M.

“Meredith Pollaro is amazing! I contacted Meredith a few days after my son Oliver was born as he was having major problems latching and drawing milk. I met with Meredith several times over the next few months as she worked with me helping to get him to latch and feed correctly. She was extremely generous with her time not only in her office but also offering support over the phone, text and email. After each visit she would email me a plan which helped keep me on track and focused which was huge in my very stressed and sleep deprived state. She checked in with me at least a few times a week to monitor our progress and to make sure Oliver was gaining weight. Oliver was a very fussy and stubborn baby! After three months of tireless effort by both Meredith and I, I decided it was too stressful for me to keep trying and I continued to pump milk for him until he was a year old. Meredith was so supportive of my decision. Throughout the process she had helped me build my milk supply and taught me schedules and techniques to save time. It was hard that Oliver refused to latch, but I felt better knowing he was getting the breast milk that I had. All in all, I think I would have lost my mind without Meredith, she was truly a lifeline for what was a very stressful and difficult time. I cannot recommend her enough!” – Katie L.

“I am a first time mom and was off to a rough start with breastfeeding. With five weeks of unsuccessful breastfeeding, I was so close to giving up. I was exclusively pumping, and attempting to breastfeed with the use of a nipple shield. I couldn’t keep my baby on my breast to save my life. All I ever wanted was to breastfeed my baby successfully; unfortunately, I was not receiving the support and education from hospital lactation consultants. I decided that it was time to go elsewhere and I’m so glad that I did. Meredith saved our breastfeeding journey. She is a walking wealth of knowledge. During our consultation, I learned so much in the few hours that we met that I had ever learned in the five weeks of being elsewhere. After our consultation, I went home overwhelmed about having to clean the slate of what I was previously taught. At our next appointment, Meredith continued to educate us on tips to successfully breastfeed and within 2 weeks of hard, hard work my baby and I were exclusively breastfeeding! My breast pump is starting to collect dust and I cannot thank Meredith enough for all of her help. It was a long, hard road for my baby and I, but the best thing I did was reach out to Meredith for help. There aren’t enough stars in a rating to amount to the level of appreciation that I have for her.” – Andrea B.

“When our son was born, he latched right away and we stayed skin-to-skin in the hospital and once home, but somehow he stopped latching. Since my milk hadn’t come in yet (nothing coming out via the hospital grade pump or my own, and very little colostrum via hand expression), I am guessing he lost interest. Meredith visited us in the comfort of our home and evaluated our son’s mouth, quickly identifying a partial tongue tie and providing helpful information on the best positions and ways to encourage him to latch, and for encouraging my body to produce more milk. We used a spoon and other alternative feeding methods. While my milk finally came in on day 5, he still didn’t latch. We attended the next Breastfeeding Support Group and in our appointment prior were fitted with a nipple shield, which helped instantly and gave us our first nursing session, in public no less! Within less than a week, we were able to drop the nipple shield altogether and have been going strong for over 27 months now! Meredith helped us conquer all the challenges thrown our way – including clogged ducts and vasospasm, and I can’t imagine our breastfeeding journey without her kind and committed support. I am so grateful we met when our little one was just 2 days old!” – Sabrina H.

“My partner & I were expecting our first wee one (now ~11 months old) & were frantically making preparations for the due date. Among the many classes, books & information we found, our pre-partum appointment with Meredith was the most mind-expanding. It turned out that having met with Meredith ahead of time set us up with techniques & tips that we would not have otherwise had when the baby finally arrived. Initially, in hospital, my partner had a difficult time getting our child to latch. Because we had benefited from Meredith’s experience & wisdom, we knew that a potential work-around was to hand express on to a spoon & offer it that way. It kept the wee one fed & hydrated while they figured things out. It also meant that out child continued to receive breast milk, rather than the formula that the hospital had ready as a substitute. Meredith has been incredibly informative & reassuring since before we even had a child. Throughout these first several months of being a family, she has been accessible & encouraging. Of all the assorted resources we have sought, our time with Meredith has been the most rewarding & valuable.” – Dave K.

“Nourish Nevada Lactation and Feeding Services has helped me so much with my breastfeeding journey! Meredith is amazing and she is relentless with her search for a solution for you and your baby. She has a keen eye and creative mind to not only pinpoint opportunities to improve but present an action plan that will fit into your personal lifestyle and needs. It is so refreshing after the cookie cutter advice I encountered with other trained individuals when trying to stop the pain from improper nursing techniques. It’s true when they liken breastfeeding to walking, it may be natural but it still takes work to learn. Another awesome advantage of Nourish Nevada is how flexible they are, you can attend latch clinics with hands-on help, or a personal one-on-one appointment if you need extra attention/time. Please Please Please don’t wait if you are having problems breastfeeding, there is absolutely no need to suffer and be frustrated when there is someone who can truly help you.” – Dawn O.

“I don’t know how I would have survived my breastfeeding journeys with either of my 4 children (2 singletons, then twins) without Meredith. She is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, as well as reassuring, supportive, and kind.  She made time for me at moments when I was desperate, even when she had her own newborn to take care of at the same time.  It is clear that Meredith always has the mother’s best interest at heart.  There are some IBLCs who are somewhat militant about breastfeeding and about nursing instead of pumping.  In contrast, Meredith is nonjudgmental; she understands that every mother has different goals related to breastfeeding, and she provides all the support and knowledge necessary to help each mother meet those goals.  Meredith always offered me expert advice and care, even checking on me periodically after appointments to make sure I was doing all right, and always left me feeling confident, understood, and informed.  I would enthusiastically recommend Meredith’s services to any mother hoping or attempting to breastfeed.  Thank you, Meredith!” – Amanda S.

“As a first time expecting mom I had no idea what breastfeeding would bring. I attended one of Merediths Breastfeeding group meetings to get a sense of what lay ahead for me. I was immediately impressed by her knowledge, humor, and empathy. I felt sure I would be back in that circle when my baby was born… Then I discovered that I was actually having two babies. Twins! At that point I contacted Meredith right away to become a client. She met with my husband and me to give us a heads up about things to expect when the twins arrived. After the birth, Meredith came to our house to help me get off on the right foot with nursing. She gave both children a full assessment, found different issues with each baby, and gave us specific steps to work on improving their nursing. She helped me with when and how to pump to improve my supply and get the babies the nourishment they needed. My husband and I used syringe/ finger feeding, cup and spoon-feeding, and a nipple shield over the course of the first month, all with the expert guidance of Meredith. I went from being extremely frustrated and in pain when nursing to relaxed and peaceful. I was able to establish a fantastic supply, both children gained weight very well, and both babies were sleeping 8 hours at night before 12 weeks of age! It was so reassuring to be able to reach out to Meredith when I had questions or something felt off. My first clogged duct happened at 3 months post-partum during a family vacation to Germany; Meredith was able to help me via email from the other side of the world. She is amazing! As my body changes, the children grow, we introduce solid food, and all the rest of it Meredith has been there to support and encourage us every step of the way. My twins are 16 months now and still love to breastfeed when they wake up and before bed. I know my family would not have this special bond without Meredith’s continued expert support. I think hiring Meredith before the babies were even born was one of the most valuable investments we could have made for our twins, she is a godsend. We are all so grateful, thank you, Meredith! “– Kat T.